Saturday, February 25, 2017

12 Nutrition Tips for Vegetarian Bodybuilders

12 Nutrition Tips for Vegetarian Bodybuilders

Vegetarianism and bodybuilders don't mix, right? This may be a consensus in the past, but today, a growing number of people are choosing to become a vegetarian, including bodybuilders and athletes.

One of the first questions that people ask in regards to building the body and being a vegetarian:

"How do you get enough protein and calories in your diet to maintain muscle mass?"

It is no secret that eating significant amounts of protein (more than 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight per day) is vital to the success of a bodybuilder. We also know that high intake of protein, bodybuilding need a diet that is high in meat.

So, how do vegetarian bodybuilders do it? How do they keep them physically? How they keep up the energy levels?

The 12 tips below will help to vegetarian bodybuilding at a gym in the kitchen:

  1.  make sure you are eating enough calories: keep track of some calories that you consume. Because fruits and vegetables tend to have fewer calories of meat, you will need to increase how much you eat.
  2. eating quality calories: reduce your consumption of processed foods and refined.
  3. eat more hummus and beans: this is one of the main sources of protein for vegetarians.
  4. consume a lot of eggs: egg whites, a great source of protein. It is diverse and can cook alone, jerks, and bread, and many other ways to increase your protein intake.
  5. eat quinoa instead of rice: Quinoa is similar to the rice with the added benefit of having more protein.
  6. eat more nuts: this perfect snack enhances your energy and consumes healthy fats.
  7. watch your activity level: with it being more difficult for you to achieve your protein intake, limit your exercises make sure you don't burn muscle mass.
  8. investment in a glass: this will help you maintain muscle mass and loss prevention.
  9. increased consumption of essential fatty acids: Omega-3s, supplements increase flaxseed oil and other actors to maintain your energy levels.
  10. attached to iron: main meat source of iron and many vegetarians lack iron in their diet. Consider adding an iron supplement to your diet.
  11. research protein-rich foods: meat is not the only source of protein. There are many other good sources of protein, you can add to your diet, including tofu, soy, oats, seeds, edamame, spinach, broccoli, peanut butter, and more.
  12. supplement and the supplement and the supplement: find a good protein supplement and regularly use to ensure you are meeting your protein needs.

Being a bodybuilder successful plant possible. You will just need to work hard to increase your protein levels and get your nutrition in order.