Saturday, July 16, 2016

Pregnancy Diet For A Healthy Motherhood

Pregnancy Diet For A Healthy Motherhood

Pregnancy, the most vital stage in a woman's life, makes them go through many of the psychological and emotional and physical changes. With the development of the child in your body, your body starts to demand more than the average intake from the diet. This is so that a balanced diet fast food gap plugging-ins that require your body to a healthy pregnancy.

Your diet plan wisely

Despite the growing demand for food during pregnancy, but it's always wise to plan and choose foods from different food groups. Ensuring that nutrition during pregnancy foods like vegetables, fruits, grains, legumes and dairy products rich in calcium, protein, vitamin a, b and c apart from these food groups you have to make sure that you have some nutrients that are vital for you and your baby's growth during your pregnancy. To ease down the list of nutrients that play an important role in our diet:-

Folic acid in pregnancy diet

Folic acid, folate is known, is rich in vitamin b and is found mostly in leafy vegetables such as spinach, orange juice and turnip (a type of cabbage). Folic acid prevents your child from serious brain and spinal deformities. Folic acid deficiency leads to inadequate fetal brain growth lagging, and an incomplete closure of the spinal cord, preterm birth, and low birth weight.

Calcium in pregnancy diet

Calcium is the most important nutrient that should be part of your diet pregnancy. Use calcium from the body. When the body begins to calcium deficiency, the body itself begins to take calcium from the bones need to baby, which makes bones weak and ultimately fragile enough to fracture (osteoporosis). Dairy products like milk, fat-free cheeses, green leafy vegetables such as Kale, fortified foods like orange juice will pill help you overcome your lack of calcium.

Iron in pregnancy diet

During pregnancy, it also increases the need for iron intake. Blood iron helps carry oxygen to the blood cells. Women during pregnancy blood volume overload, where excess blood requires an excessive amount of iron. During pregnancy requires not only your blood cells but growing child cells of oxygen, and this is where again iron-oxygen demand.

Iron deficiency leads to anemia, leading to premature birth or low birth weight infants, low iron can make excessive child childhood anemia. Iron deficiency can be composed by the presence of red meat, oysters, beans, potatoes and cereals iron fortified.

Concerns about pregnancy weight chart

Always load weight of concern to women during pregnancy. Weight varies from woman to woman and pregnancy to pregnancy, so you need not worry too much.

If you are underweight in the attempt to slightly overweight as women are underweight and most babies born underweight. Doctors usually tried to make sure that the weight gains through your pregnancy diet. If you don't have body fat is used to support the pregnancy.

If excess weight and obviously you don't want to get more, but losing weight during pregnancy is not a good idea as it can affect your baby. Thus, an attempt should be made to women are overweight don't get anything more than 15 pounds during pregnancy.

On a final note, they had a balanced diet and disciplined fast motherhood happy and healthy.

Having a balanced diet fast is very important during pregnancy. One should take care of diet and nutrition during pregnancy healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby