Saturday, July 2, 2016

Laser Eye Surgery Risks

Laser Eye Surgery Risks

Some people believe that using lasers in ophthalmology miracle, that the ultimate solution to many problems in the eye. While it is true that using lasers can improve one's vision. There are also risks of laser eye surgery that a lot of people don't realize.

Risk comes with the benefits of the surgery. Even if you plan to perform surgery in the future, then it is only right to become aware of the risks of laser eye surgery is described in this article.

Danger # 1

One of the biggest among laser eye surgery risks facing people who undergo laser surgery is, of course, a complete loss of vision. This possibility had never heard of laser clinics, but it's true. But one became blind due to laser surgery.

What's worse is that it cannot be regained vision loss due to laser surgery, not even with another round of laser surgery. If you are to undergo laser surgery, make sure that you will go to a licensed doctor and unknown.

Danger # 2

Less scary but still it is a potential problem in risk of dry eye. Someone with dry eyes will have problems with his vision and may even experience permanent and constant irritation clear in his eyes. It is also possible to slightly discolored IRIS. This condition can be treated but another risk to consider when planning to undergo eye surgery.

Danger # 3

Persons who underwent laser eye surgery and can also develop excessive light. This means that a person who is blind easily even if the light is Dim. Individuals who suffer from allergies to light find it hard to go out in the morning or doing simple tasks like drive a car in broad daylight.

These are just some of the risks of laser eye surgery you should consider if you are planning to try out the procedure soon.