Friday, July 8, 2016

4 Secret Ways to Remove Stretch Marks

4 Secret Ways to Remove Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are benign, but it looks ugly! While some people choose to live with these silver streaks, many very irritating and frustrating. Just imagine those ugly Zebra lines appear out of nowhere, without your permission. And what's worse is that resistance to every possible treatment that you can try to keep these tapes. You can try the product after product, hoping to get rid of them in one day, but in the end, you get the impression that extends to the most loyal thing that ever happened to you.

Million dollar question: "really impossible to remove stretch marks?" if not, what are the most effective treatment for stretch marks? If you are looking too efficient ways to get rid of bad grades and then rejoice, you've come to the right place. Here we'll share with you three effective ways to remove these zebra stripes on the abdomen or legs.
What are stretch marks?

It is a common problem that affects most of the skin of people throughout the world, regardless of sex and race. The most common victims of this silvery streaks and include:

• Adolescent boys and girls
Pregnant women
• Obese
• Anyone gaining or losing weight quickly

Your skin is fairly flexible and restores its position once released after stretching. But when I stretch out elastic limit tearing off layers of skin and get scars. The results of this internal damage to terrorize visible that appears on the skin surface as hue color streaks. These tags appear most unsightly belly and thighs but can appear anywhere on the body.
One of the questions that frequently look online how to remove these lines. Unfortunately, there are not many options at the moment to remove the stretch marks. But there are some treatments that can help eliminate fresh, mild to moderate stretch marks with a few sessions.

4 remove treatments stretch marks "the most commonly sought:

1. chemical peels:

This is the mildest therapy used to treat stretch marks. A chemical solution is applied to the affected areas. As the name suggests, applying the solution a few layers of skin peels off damaged beams. Smooth and clear skin, free from any new signs layers peeled.

2. the micro-acupuncture with or without RF

Dermabine micro acupuncture treatment is the most popular. Small needles used microscopic skin wounds caused by the controlled rate. This starts the healing process and also boosts collagen levels in the areas of processing. As a result, no fade marks but also skin becomes flexible. To further enhance the effectiveness of small needle insertion, can be paired with "RF therapy."

3. laser for stretch marks

It is expected in a high-intensity laser beam stretch marks. The energy of the laser breaks scar tissue in the inner layers of the skin, responsible for the appearance of lines. The healing process of scar tissue differentiation is initiated. Stimulates this new generation of new skin cells and tissues in the inner layers of the skin. Laser treatment also stimulates collagen production, ultimately leading skin thickening and remove bad marks.
You may need several sessions to achieve the desired results. There need 6-8 sessions to eliminate these annoying lines. Most patients report significant fading signs after the fourth session.

4. fractional CO2 laser

Fractional CO2 laser offers the best solution to remove the extension. Use a special type of laser micro-wounds caused hormones in precise channels in the skin. This damage to the skin in a controlled rate triggers the healing process. As a result, beginning in the inner layers also scarred tissue to heal and improve their appearance. Is the most effective treatment, and also popular in doctors and patients.