Sunday, June 26, 2016

The Dangers of Smoking for Young Women

There is a dangerous rise in young women becoming smokers, more so than men! My daughter became a smoker from an early age, any age, and I suppose I never will find! She has now stopped, I am very grateful.

It is a matter of concern that women had become addicted to nicotine and if they smoke less or even smoke cigarettes with low nicotine content and inhale less.

Following are some of the problems associated with risk of young smokers:

  • What nicotine leads to poor lung function is greater for young women, many of them more difficult to quit smoking.
  • Smoking can interfere with normal menstruation and increase the risk of pain and other irregularities.
  • Women who smoke will be more headaches, neck aches, stomach, shoulder pain, nausea, nervousness, insomnia and sleep compared to non-smokers.
  • Heavy-smoking central nervous system depressant effect, which explains that the anti-depressants help with nicotine addiction.
  • Short of breath and whistled when they participate in sports activities.

Above are just a few of the problems that may arise from young women smoking. Lung cancer has been deleted as it doesn't seem that there is a problem with the smoker thinking (I'm safe! "it won't happen to me!)

Smoking and lung cancer are complimentary, especially for those who start in early adolescence, and is the leading cause of cancer deaths among women. During puberty and adolescence young early especially sensitive to carcinogens.

Many of the girls report that they smoke cigarettes the first 13 years ago and may suffer as a result of mood swings, hyperactivity, lack of security and interpersonal demands from youth into adulthood.

Smoking may even increase the risk of drug use or lead to substance abuse. Once addicted to nicotine has eased the path for other addictions, there are plenty of them on the show for young women.

Are generally less behaved girls that smoke and more susceptible to peer pressure and refused. This may result in the ultimate collection more twisted than their peers. As a parent, I have experienced this type of behavior, not of experience to witness such as duplicate.

Smoking may reduce appetite, which in turn will affect the general welfare smoker. It is said that girls who smoke to eat fewer dairy products and fruits and vegetables but tend to eat more fast foods that contain saturated fats. Couple that with a penchant for sports and exercise do less, and you have a recipe for bad health and even obesity.

It is known that tolerance to nicotine and alcohol less in young women, and are, therefore, more susceptible to the effects of them.

There is no easy way to help young women and girls to quit smoking or, indeed, for anyone to quit smoking. Will always get answers from smokers: it helps me to relax, I'm not an addict, all my friends smoke, smokes great grandmother!

There are ways to help yourself and others to quit smoking some really effective and others don't. Smoking is an addiction and needs to be accepted and treated as such.